Why choose us

Through our our unique and strategic engagement model, we help our customers do more. The advantages of our strategic engagement model vis-a-vis the traditional IT offshoring are captured below:




Traditional IT Offshoring Model



Uncertain, dictated by the nature of engagement with the service provider



Techuva Strategic Engagement Model



Uncertain, dictated by the nature of engagement with the service provider



Low level of task based reactive output with little incetive for innovation



High performance, proactive teams and benfits from insights of TECHUVA’s roduct developmewnt know-how & expertise



Low, very basic staff augmentation mode



High, direct contribition in delivering measurable business value to customer



Difficult to anticipate and manage risks due to lack of visibility into services providers processes,team management, and resource movements



Easy, due to complete managerial control over people and process



Owned by services provider, low level of integartion with customer’s team



Owned and managed by customer, complete integration with customer’s team



Basic, and hands off



Mature, and collaborative



Vendor selection, services provider’s maturity and retention of same team across delivery cycles



Team selection, product development know-how, and dedicated high performance teams



Significant attention to detail required in contract of the engagement, and adequate foresight needed to provide for contingencies



Mature, and collaborative



Rigid, need clearly defined scope and deliverables from the customer



Flexible, driven by customer’s requirement and adatable to changing business dynamics. inbuilt agility, decide as-late-as possible and start as soon-as-possible



Varaible, and depends upon the maturity of the servces provider



Mature, State-of-the art tools and agile processes fully integrated with the customer’s develoment framework



Dictated by the services provider



Controlled by the customer right from the recruitment process inlcluding roles and composition



Cost of expansive infrastructure and redundant bench is priced in



Nature of long-term engagement and relationship demands that pricing remains very competitive