Independent Software Vendors

Strategic Engagement Framework

You might be an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with a need to develop a new product/service, improve an existing product, or wish to innovate and test your new ideas, we understand them perfectly and have a highly flexible, scalable, and collaborative engagement framework to help you fulfill your operational and business goals.

We enable you to establish your own, dedicated offshore development setup (team, group, center), and support it through our stack of shared services (Human Resources, Facilities, and IT). Depending upon your capacity requirement, you may choose from one of our flexible, scalable, and customizable engagement models:

  • Partial extension of your development capacity through a small team of dedicated resources, ideally for handling a specific task related to your IP in conjunction with your in-house/native team
  • A dedicated team with all requisite roles to function independently and assume functional ownership of a full-fledged component/service delivery
  • Setup a full-fledged (Global In-house Center)GIC, to deliver complete cycle of product development services and add significant value as a business unit, with the capacity to build, deploy, and support enterprise class solutions and services

Shared Services

Across all models of our engagement framework, we support you with:

  • Full slate of HR services including recruitment, compensation and benefits management, payroll processing, regulatory compliance, and on-boarding
  • Facilities, with state-of-the-art physical infrastructure which can be customized to reflect your branding and corporate values
  • IT services including hardware, software, communications bandwidth and related network infrastructure to suit your specific needs


Through our COE, we can mentor your teams with our rich expertise in technology, agile processes, software engineering best practices, and most importantly product development know-how. The level of engagement with our COE is at your discretion and could vary from substantial handholding for small teams to a limited strategic advisory role for full-fledged development centers. We helped many Independent Software Vendors improve their workflow processes, release management practices, and overall product development process with our extensive know how of IP development and agile methodologies.

Unique Advantages

Our framework offers Independent Software Vendors the following unparalleled advantages:

  • Capacity extension in a sophisticated manner
  • Dedicated teams with locked-in resources
  • Enable the customer to do more
  • Customer in complete control of people, processes, and product road map
  • Rapid scale up, enhanced capabilities
  • Benefit from our thought leadership In IP development
  • Shared services model ensures cost optimization and flexibility
  • Customer owns the team, and we do the rest