JUMPSTART facilitates integration of the software development process with the tools and people for building and delivering world class products and solutions on time, and within budget. JUMPSTART integrates the best practices of Rapid Product Development (based on agile and lean principles) with effective and proven Project Management principles. The key components of JUMPSTART are as follows:

  • 01

    Technology Choice

    Our in-house technology experts work with the customer’s core product/technology team to ensure that an appropriate technology/stack is chosen for the development of the product/solution, with scalability, adaptability, and evolving technology landscape in view.

  • 02

    System integrity

    A robust Change management process is put in place for all development artifacts with appropriate security and access protocols to ensure system integrity throughout the development life cycle

  • 03

    Configuration and release management

    A comprehensive Configuration and Release Management process is adopted to facilitate continuous build, test, and deployment of the various releases

  • 04

    Testing tools and Automation

    Ensuring appropriate tools, technologies, and processes are in place to facilitate continuous and automated testing of the product/solution

  • 05

    Employee Productivity

    Ensuring that a supportive environment is in place to facilitate enhanced employee productivity as well as higher quality throughput as a team

  • 06


    Working with the customer to have in place transparent governance mechanisms for Project Management and reporting, as well as steering committee for critical decisions involving technology, architecture, and product management

  • 07

    Building the right team

    Ensuring that together with the customer, we choose the right people with complementary skill sets to build a high performance team